People achieve
great things in
a balanced

People spend almost a third of their lives in the office. That means companies seeking top talent must offer a positive, engaging work environment. They must empower their teams with healthy workspaces where it’s easy to think, work and collaborate. Balance is the key, creating a sense of harmony that flows through a building, inspiring people in its path. When all of the elements complement each other in this way productivity is not forced, it happens naturally.

The Bank. Timeless Balance

A monumental
building that
the future

The Bank is a multiple prize-winning building and a renowned
Amsterdam landmark. Its historical exterior complements a delightful interior where comfort and smart design take center stage. High-end, sustainable workspaces are provided on every floor, each one infused with wellness and natural elements. Ergonomics, attractive design and technology are combined to create holistic spaces that naturally bring out the best in people. Such equilibrium gets business done in a fun, productive environment. Blending form, function and sustainability
in this way does more than facilitate workflows - it creates a timeless balance.