Always a
step ahead

Regular upgrades have kept The Bank one step ahead of the competition. The office space of Herengracht 601 is renovated with a keen eye for detail and a passion for sustainability. A human-centered design and technical updates ensure the building is comfortable and cutting edge. It has its own entrance at Herengracht, top-class workspaces and a beautiful courtyard garden. In the impressive foyer there is a reception, while a selection of ground floor restaurants is open to the public. Daylight and eye-catching design reign throughout bright, airy office floors, while underground parking spaces are heated and ventilated. Flexibility in dividing up floorspaces is provided, so a company can also set its own original tone.


A key attraction of The Bank is its wonderful landscaped office garden. This verdant, welcoming space functions as a center of mindfulness, positive energy and wellbeing. The recent addition of large windows strengthens the garden’s impact, by making it easier to enjoy from the inside. It’s the perfect place for employees to relax, informally meet, or simply soak up the ambiance.


The Bank blends approx. 2,948 sqm L.F.A. of unique office space with exceptional floorplans. Openness predominates across a approx. 2,323 sqm L.F.A. first floor and a ground floor of approx. 625 sqm L.F.A. . Layouts have been specifically crafted to optimize air, light and natural views. Eye-catching elements like a wooden staircase or large windows add points of interest and extra brightness. This sense of space and light is remarkable on the floors, where ceilings are 3.5 meters high. The final touch is seen in quality finishing, and the addition of features such as LED lights. Comfort is enhanced via openable windows, ceiling induction units and climate installations. A brand new elevator and new sanitary facilities merge practicality with luxury.

unique own

The Bank’s eye-catching exterior reflects its uniqueness and extraordinary design. The main entrance at the prestigious Herengracht has been beautifully renovated. It’s a focal point in its own right. This is a doorway that entices people to enter, upon which the building’s personality is immediately evident. As an addition to these inherent qualities, it’s also possible to brand the entrance. A company can apply its own branding elements to this distinctive backdrop of solid design. That presents the opportunity to project a clear image and relevant messaging to every visitor.

FLOORPLANS Herengracht 601

Floorplans and office spaces are testament to the care that has gone into every aspect of The Bank. It’s design offers room to think and a host of possibilities. Large, open floorplans span the building, and various attractive layout options are offered. Throughout each expansive floor, smart workspaces complement wonderful architectural surroundings. They can also be individually tailored to a company’s needs. Two of the options are shown here. Structure and layouts have been meticulously planned to blend safety, comfort and aesthetic elements. Recent global events have even been accounted for. A COVID-proof setup is possible in order to meet today’s new requirements.