In line with the focus on sustainability, an existing building has been renovated. The end result is a place of work where humans naturally fit and can flourish. Innovative technologies drive the efficient use of resources. They include thermo-active cooling and heating, external sun protection, insulating glazing and modern building control technology. The achievement of WELL building standards is clearly visible. Modern, ergonomic design provides comfortable spaces to create, concentrate and collaborate. Natural light is optimized. Plants complement the courtyard, which is centrally located to merge work and relaxation areas. The Bank excels in achieving balance - between community and privacy, between tasks and creative freedom, between the working world and downtime.


Heating and ventilation are delivered by means of ceiling induction units, additional cooling and heating via VRF-units.


Possibility to connect a room control unit per room.


Workspaces on the beletage and first floor are fed from floor boxes (flexible to move), the ground-floor is equipped with a recessed floor channel, with floor boxes.


The exterior facade is equipped with existing automatic, electronically-activated sun blinds.


HVAC control system and lighting from smart control technology by means of Multi sensors (motion, light, temperature, CO2, light scenes, are the possibility of smartphone control) and prepared in line with the office layout.


Existing sanitary facilities are entirely replaced with luxurious sanitary facilities on the ground floor, which are supplemented with an additional sanitary group.


Existing fire suppression systems (fire hose reels and sprinkler systems), fire alarm and evacuation system (voice alarm) are maintained where possible and adapted to the new layout drawings.


All existing lighting fixtures is completely replaced and equipped with high quality luxury LED fixtures in accordance with lighting plan. Light fixtures are dimmable, light scenes can be created in the office, and the outside facade is equipped with daylight control via the above mentioned Multi sensors. There is a central control and fault panel applied on the ground floor for e.g. central lighting circuits, fault messages etc.

Facts and figures

  • Approx. 2,948 sqm L.F.A. of unique office space in landmark building
  • Eye-catching wooden staircase
  • Exceptionally high ceilings: 3.5 meters
  • Ceiling induction units
  • New sanitary facilities
  • Energy label A
  • High end modernized
  • Large and openable windows
  • Quality finishing
  • Well-designed elevator
  • 23 parking spaces in parking garage